Friday, 25 November 2016


Here are some funny mp3 clips which will make you laugh. These are recording of a show done on
" Radio Mirchi Murga ". These recording will show you how someones friend can prank. so be aware of these things.

   Here are some " Best of Radio Mirchi Murga " :
                            Instruction : To download these just click on " Click Here " .
S No.NameDownload LinkSize
1.Whatsapp Movie On FB.MP3Click Here[3.35 mb]
2.Result Positive For Love.MP3Click Here[7.15 mb]
3.Murga - Are You Puri.MP3Click Here[2.11 mb]
4.Murga - Plot Hai Toh Bech Do.mp3Click Here[1.98 mb]
5.Murga - Auto Business.mp3Click Here[2.86 mb]
6.Radio Mirchi Murga - Toilet Kyu Gaya.mp3Click Here[3.75 mb]
7.Bauaa By Rj Raunak Subah Ka Darshan - 93.5 Red FM.mp3Click Here[1.82 mb]
8.Radio Mirchi Murga - Parai Biwi.mp3Click Here[5.35 mb]
9.Murga Biwi Ki Chummi.MP3Click Here[5.35 mb]
10.Mirchi Murga 2013 - Driver Staring At My Girlfriend.mp3Click Here[3.71 mb]
11.Red FM Baua - Maje Lelo - Chuuha.mp3Click Here[1.97 mb]
12.Red FM Baua - Maje Lelo - Leg Pulling.mp3Click Here[2.45 mb]
13.Mirchi Murga - Main Aapki Le Lu.mp3Click Here[3.37 mb]
14.93.5 Red FM Aisa Kyu Kiya - Band Bajega.mp3Click Here[3.27 mb]
15.Radio Mirchi Murga - Mobile Dil Bahar Service.mp3Click Here[4.69 mb]

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